In Search of Your Ancestors?
Columns on genealogy by George Farris

December, 2015

Summary; Introduction

This is a series of columns published occasionally in the on-line newspaper Inside Anderson County. IAC was owned and published by Internet Business Images, LLC, a company owned by George J. Farris and Olivia J. (Jeanne) Eaves. When IBI was dissolved at the end of 2015, publication of IAC ended. These columns from the IAC archives are preserved here for reference. While parts of them are outdated, they may provide a useful reference point.

Columns in this series

1. Beginning your search
2. "Source Data"
3. More About Data Sources
4. Additional Data Sources
5. LDS and Data From Other Countries
6. Census Records
7. Military Records
8. Land Records
9. More About Land Records
10. Land Records as a Source of Family Information
11. Wills and Probate Records as Sources of Family Information
12. Biographies, Obituaries, Old Newspapers, and Family Lore
13. Sharing Family History Research
14. Some Genealogy Web Sites to Use With Caution
15. Genealogy & Local History
16. Tracking One Specific Ancestor
17. What Next?
18. Tracking One Specific Ancestor - 2
19. Importance of Family Groups in Tracking Ancestors
20. Two new on-line genealogy research tools
21. Some books for family history researchers
22. Census time again
23. A tale of the professor and the horse thief
24. Family artifacts, mementos, letters, etc. as a source of genealogy information
25. "Find A Grave" - Another potentially useful genealogy research tool
26. The 1940 U.S. Census
27. A "Dead End"
28. DNA and Genealogy
29. Tracking Ancestors in Old Tax Lists

While numerous local people have known me through my business role as co-owner and President of Internet Business Images, LLC and through my previous professional career in Oak Ridge, this series of columns regarding genealogy is based on an avocation that I have pursued off and on over a period of more than 30 years. In relating some of my own experiences while conducting family history research in many places using many sources of information I hope that I can help some of our readers who may be just getting started on their own ancestry research.

George J. Farris, PhD
Oak Ridge, TN

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