IBI Internet Business Images, LLC, provided creative web site design and complete Internet marketing services for Oak Ridge and East Tennessee. IBI was established in 1997 by George Farris and Jeanne Eaves and was dissolved at the end of 2015.

This site is now used to make some of my genealogy related files available on-line. One section includes the archives of genealogy columns that were published over a period of years in Inside Anderson County which was an on-line local newspaper owned and published by IBI. IAC was terminated when IBI was dissolved. However, some people found the old genealogy columns to still be useful so I've preserved them here - even though some are now probably obsolete.

Another section preserves the files created during our research of some of the McIlravy/McElravy families that descend from a group of immigrants to Washington County, PA in 1815. There continues to be considerable Internet access of these files by researchers of these and related families.

Another section consists of documents related to a number of my Farris and other ancestors which are accessed and utilized by others researching related family lines. Since many of these documents are drafts that continue to evolve I make the most current version available on-line here.

Archive of Inside Anderson County Genealogy Columns

McIlravy/McElravy 1815 Immigrants to Washington County, Pennsylvania

Farris/Bunnell/Jenkins/Creighton/Shaddock/Hill/Caldwell/Stockman Biographical Summaries

George J. Farris
Oak Ridge, Tennessee

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