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Internet Business Images provided creative web site design and complete Internet marketing services employing technical and marketing know how to produce web sites tailored to the specific professional business images and marketing strategies of our clients. IBI was established in 1997 by George Farris and Jeanne Eaves to provide comprehensive Internet-related services for businesses serving Oak Ridge and East Tennessee. At the end of 2015 IBI was dissolved as an LLC, but some of its services continue to be provided by George Farris.

Since 1997, IBI provided services for a wide diversity of types of businesses and organizations. These clients have included large industrial and service companies, small retail businesses, service companies specializing in training, staffing, healthcare, etc., professionals, not-for-profit organizations, Realtors, automotive dealers, mountain vacation home and cabin rental businesses, an on-line newspaper, chambers of commerce, and several e.commerce companies that sell their products and services on-line. No company or organization has been too large or too small or too specialized to benefit from IBI's services.

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