Some Farris Ancestry Documents
by George J. Farris

August, 2016

This section is comprised of several documents that I have put together over the years based on the family history research that I have been involved with for well over 30 years. Since new information comes to light periodically, these should be considered to be drafts and are subject to revision. The documents apply to my own ancestry and are published here as guides for future research by others who may share part of the same ancesrty. DNA analysis has shown that my own Farris line ancestry and that of other of my close relatives is distinct from that of many other Farris ancestral lines that are unrelated to us.

Some Descendants of John Farris, Sr. of Hanover County, Virginia

Summary Biography for William Farris

Summary Biography for Jeremiah Farris

William Bunnell/Bonnell

John S. Jenkins

Creighton Ancestry

Hill-Shaddock-Caldwell Ancestry

Stockman Ancestry

While numerous local people have known me through my business role as co-owner and President of Internet Business Images, LLC and through my previous professional career in Oak Ridge, these documents regarding genealogy are based on an avocation that I have pursued off and on over a period of more than 30 years. In relating some of the information that I've assembled while conducting family history research in many places using many sources of information I hope that I can provide a starting point for others who wish to further pursue these lines in the future.

George J. Farris, PhD
Oak Ridge, TN

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