The 1812 Immigrants from Ballyleese, Ireland, to Washington County, Pennsylvania

DANIEL MCELRAVY (1798-1860) Biographical Summary

Daniel McElravy was born in Ireland about 4 April 1798, based on his death date and age at death. The will of Robert McElravy (1807-1859) names Daniel and Hugh as Robert's brothers. Therefore, as summarized in the introduction, I believe that Daniel was the son of Hugh C. McIlravy and arrived in New York aboard the Brig Mary on June 17, 1812. His father died in Washington County Pennsylvania about 1817.

The first specific reference to Daniel that I am aware of is in the 1823/1824 tax valuation list for Strabane Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania, that listed him as a single free man. About 1824 Daniel married Mary Margaret McComb somewhere in Pennsylvania. No marriage record has been found. Their first son, John, was born in Pennsylvania about 1825. Their second son, Alexander was also born in Pennsylvania about 1826.

In March 1828, Daniel & Margaret McElravy bought 160 acres in Section 33 in Archer Township, Harrison County, Ohio from Patrick & Margaret Dunleavy. The deed record lists them, at that time, as residents of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

In the 1830 census, Daniel and his family were listed in Green Township, Harrison County, Ohio, as follows:

Daniel McElravy

Males:     2 <5; 1 5-10; 1 30-40
Females: 1 20-30

In 1832, Daniel filed a declaration of intent to become a U.S. citizen in the Harrison County Court.

In the 1840 census, the family was in Archer Township, Harrison County:

Daniel McElravy

Males: 2 <5; 1 5-10; 1 10-15; 1 15-20; 1 40-50
Females: 1 5-10; 1 10-15; 1 40-50

Sometime before 1850, Daniel and Margaret acquired land in Short Creek Township, Harrison County, Ohio and moved there. The 1850 census listing was as follows:
Daniel 52 M Ireland farmer
Margaret 51 F PA  
Alexander 24 M PA farmer
Nancy 18 F OH  
Robert 16 M OH  
William 14 M OH  
Thomas 11 M OH  
Franklin 8 M OH  
At that time, the oldest son, John, was a student at New Athens Academy in Harrison County and was listed in the household of Nancy Lee:
John McElravy 25 M unknown student
John W. McIlravy died 24 April 1851 and is buried in the Dickerson Cemetery in Harrison County. His age is listed in the Harrison County Cemetery books as 29 years, 3 months, and 20 days. It would appear that his age must have actually been 26 or 27 rather than 29.

In 1860, Daniel died. He is buried in the Dickerson Cemetery in Harrison County Ohio. From the tombstone inscription:

Daniel McIlravy; Died April 28, 1860; Age 62y 24d
The Harrison County Propate Court record contains several items related to his estate:

1 May 1860: Joseph Holmes appointed as Administrator; Declaration of Widow and Heirs
31 Dec 1860: Asa Holmes named guardian for Franklin W. McIlravy (minor)
2 Jan 1862: Petition to sell land - Margaret McIlravy; list of all heirs.

The 1860 census lists Margaret and some of the children in Short Creek Township, Harrison County as follows:

Margaret 60 F PA Hs. Keeper
Robert 25 M PA farmer
William 23 M PA farmer
Thomas 20 M PA farmer
Franklin 18 M PA farmer
Note: The birthplace listings for all of the children was a ditto mark under the Pa. for Margaret. Actually, all of these children were born in Ohio. Only John and Alexander were born in Pennsylvania.

In the 1860 census, Alexander was married (to Elizabeth Holt, 13 April 1854) and living in Jefferson County, Ohio, and Nancy was married to Eber Major and living in Franklin County, Ohio. The census records were:

Mt. Pleasant Township, Jefferson County, Ohio

Alex 34 M PA farmer
Elizabeth 27 F OH  
Charles 3 M OH  
Brown Township, Franklin County, Ohio
Eber 31 M OH farmer
Nancy 28 F OH  
Sarah J. 3 F OH  
John 1 M OH  
On 25 Dec 1861, Robert B. McIlravy married Eunice R. Giesey in Harrison County. In April 1862, Robert and Eunice sold Roberts 1/6 share of the 214 acres owned by Daniel's estate to his brother Alexander. Robert served in the Civil War - and was killed at Richmond April 2, 1865, near the end of the war. On 13 May 1865 Burnhart Geisey was named administrator of his estate. In Nov 1865, Eunice was named guardian of Robert E. McIlravy, their only child. Eunice R. McIlravy remarried to Samual Sloan in Harrison County, OH on 23 March 1876.

Thomas Corwin McElravy and James William McElravy also served in the Civil War - both rising to the rank of Captain.

By 1870, the 5 living children of Daniel and Margaret were fairly widely scattered.

After the Civil War, James William lived in Ohio, Colorado, Iowa, and Missouri over a period of years - before settling in West Liberty, Iowa. On 15 December, 1868, he married Arabella Lewis in Cedar County, IA.

Thomas married Agnes Jane Hamilton, daughter of James and Sarah Hamilton of Jefferson Co. OH on 10 Sept 1867, and lived in Harrison Co. OH in 1870.

Alexander McIlravy was in Belmont Co. OH in 1870.

Nancy Major was in Franklin Co. OH in 1870.

Franklin Washinton McElravy was in Muscatine County, Iowa.

The 1870 census lists Margaret in Cadiz Township, Harrison County as follows:

Margaret 71 F PA Keeping House
Also, in 1870, Eunice McElravy, widow of Robert, was in Harrisville, Harrison Co. OH:
Eunice 28 F OH Milliner
Robert 7 M OH  
Note: in the 1880 census Eunice, 39, is listed as the wife of Samuel Slaon in Belmont County, Ohio.

In 1870 Thomas was in Short Creek Township, Harrison County.

Thos. C. 30 M OH farmer
Agnis 26 F PA  
Robert B. 3 M OH  
Sarah B. 1 F OH  
Alexander was in Pease Township, Belmont Co. OH:
Alexander 45 M PA farmer
Elizabeth 34 F OH  
Charles 13 M OH  
Note: Charles, the only child of Alexander and Elizabeth, died in 1870 and is buried in the Scotch Ridge Cemetery, Pease Township, Belmont County, OH.

Nancy and Eber Major were in Brown Township, Franklin County, Ohio:

Eber 40 M OH farmer
Nancy 39 F OH  
Sarah J. 13 F OH  
John 11 M OH  
Osker 8 M OH  
Rodolfas 6 M OH  
Dora A. 3 F OH  
Frank 3/12 M OH  
Franklin W. McElravy married Hodika M. Dickerson on Jan 24, 1867 in Muscatine, IA. In later records she is listed as Louisa.

They were in Muscatine County, IA, Goshen Township, in the 1870 census:

F. W. 28 M OH farmer
Louisa 30 F OH Keeping House
William S. 3 M Iowa  
C. C. 1 M Iowa  
I. O. 3/12 M Iowa  

1880 Census, Lincoln Township, Shelby County, Iowa

Franklin MCELRAVY, Farmer 38 M OH IRE PA Self
Louisa MCELRAVY, Keeping House 39 F PA PA PA Wife
William MCELRAVY, Farms 12 M IA OH PA Son
Charles C. MCELRAVY, Farms 10 M IA OH PA Son
Laura B. MCELRAVY 2 M IA OH PA Daughter
Note: One child, James A., age 6, is missing from the above census.

C. C. McElravy married Tillie Heath on Sep 08, 1890 in Muscatine, IA. He later married Nina Pearl Lee on 13 May 1895 in Wyoming.
Issac McElravy married Maggie M. Heath on Dec 12, 1894 in Muscatine, IA
(The above two families later moved to Colorado.)

The Jan. 21, 1886 issue of the Tipton Advertiser, Cedar County, Iowa included a list of "Resident Veterans" (of the Civil War). Frank W. McElravy was listed in Iowa Township.

Franklin W. McElravy and most of the family moved to Butler County, Nebraska before 1890. Franklin only remained there for a few years at most since, later, the family remained in Nebraska while Franklin went to the northwest - then joined the Alaska gold rush.

Apparently, Franklin first went to Colorado where he had a timber land claim in Logan County (Township 10 North, Range 49 West), near where his sons Isaac and Charles C. and nephew Charles H. McElravy later lived in Weld County.

In a biography of their son, Charles C. McElravy published in the History of Colorado in 1919, it is stated that "Mr. and Mrs. McElravy reared their family in Iowa and Nebraska but on the 8th of March, 1890, removed westward to Seattle, where they remained for four years, after which Mr. McElravy went to Alaska, where he has since lived, and is now seventy-six years of age."

The Veterans' Schedules - U.S. Selected States, 1890 Military Records lists Franklin in Centralia, Lewis County, Washington. In the 1892 state census of Washington, F.W. McElravy was listed as a carpenter in Pierce County, WA as of April 1, age 50, born Ohio,

While Franklin later went to Alaska - where he ended up spending the rest of his life, Louisa returned to Nebraska. At one time he apparently started out to return home with the gold he had accumulated - but was shipwrecked and lost everything, according to some of his descendants. He alledgedly was picked up by another ship and returned to Alaska.

In the 1900 census, dated July 6, 1900, Franklin W. McElravy was listed in Porcupine Creek, Southern District of Alaska, age 57 at his last birthday, born Dec. 1842 in Ohio, father born in Ireland. He listed his home address as Tacoma, Washington, and had been in Alaska since April, 1897. He listed his occupation at home as a carpenter and his occupation in Alaska as a miner - in partnership with George Duke of Port Townsend, Washington - who had been in Alaska since 1889.

After Louisa died (December 30, 1906) Franklin remarried in Alaska. In the 1910 census Franklin and Alo McElravy are listed as having been married within the past year. In both 1910 and 1920, they are listed living in the village of Haines, Alaska. Franklin was listed in 1910 as a miner, age 66 - born Dec. 1843 in Ohio, father born in Ireland, mother born in Scotland. His wife is listed as Alo, age 62 in 1910, born Jan 1847 in New York. In 1920 her parents birthplaces are listed as U.S. Some descendants state that she was an Alaskan Indian - but well educated.

Franklin and his second wife are buried at the Sitka National Cemetery, Sitka, Sitka Borough, Alaska:

McElravy, Franklin W, d. 03/29/1922
McElravy, Mary Ale, d. 04/25/1922, Plot: I-20

In the 1900 census, Louisa McElravy was listed on the farm in Union Township, Butler Co. Nebraska with four of her sons. She was also listed there in a Farmers Directory in 1906.

1900 Census, Union Township, Butler County, Nebraska

McElravy, Louisa - 8 children, 8 living, married 34 yrs. 59, b. July 1840 F PA PA PA Head, farmer
McElravy, William 32, b. Oct 1867 M IA PA PA Son, farmer
McElravy, John 28, b. Oct 1871 M IA PA PA Son, farmer
McElravy, Lesley 24, b. Mar 1876 M IA PA PA Son, farmer
McElravy, George 21, b. Apr 1878 M IA PA PA Son, farmer
Another son, James A. McElravy (26) and his family were listed nearby. He had been married for 4 years at that time and had wife, Jennie (26)[nee: Rebecca Jane Cullison], and 2 children - Ray (3) and Esther (11 mo.)

James A.(Albert) McElravy and family were also listed in the same place in the 1910 census with seven children.

Before 1910, John E. McElravy had moved further west to Dawson County, Nebraska, where he married Anna S. Wilkey.

Before 1910, George E. McElravy had married Alma Lawver [probably daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Lawver of Reading Township] and was living on the McElravy family farm in section 7 of Union Township.

The other two sons of Franklin W. and Louisa McElravy, Charles C. and Isaac O. McElravy had moved to Colorado - where they were in Weld County - and later in Larimer County. The 1910 census listings for these two families follow. Note the C.C. McElravy is listed as Clancy in 1910 and as Charles in the 1900, 1920 and 1930 listings.

1910 Census, Precint 37 (Township 7 North, Range 66 West) Larimer County, Colorado

McElravy, Clancy C., farmer 41 M IA OH PA Head
Nina 36 F IA IN Delaware Wife
Mildred M. 12 F CO IA IA Daughter
Della 7 F CO IA IA Daughter
Roy M. 1 M CO IA IA Son
1910 Census, Precint 19, Weld County, Colorado
McElravy, Isaac O., farmer 40 M IA OH PA Head
Maggie M. 35 F IA PA PA Wife
Elva C. 13 F IA IA IA Daughter
Loyal D. 11 M IA IA IA Son
Note: Neighbors of this family in Weld County, CO in 1910 included the family of Charles H. McElravy, cousin of Isaac, son of Thomas McElravy.

The 1920 census listings for the five sons of Franklin and Louisa living in Nebraska were as follows:

1920 Census, Union Township, Butler County, Nebraska

McElravy, George, farmer 31 M IA OH OH Head
Alma 31 F NE IL IA Wife
Ruby 7 F NE IA NE Daughter
Myrtle 6 F NE IA NE Daughter
Dean 5 M NE IA NE Son
Ross 4-11/12 M NE IA NE Son
Vernon 2-5/12 M NE IA NE Son
McElravy, William, farmer 52 M IA OH OH Brother
1920 Census, Union Township, Butler County, Nebraska
McElravy, James, farmer 45 M IA OH OH Head
Rebecca J. 45 F NE OH IL Wife
Ray 23, farmer M NE IA NE Son
Esther 21 F NE IA NE Daughter
Elinor 19 F NE IA NE Daughter
Reginald 16 M NE IA NE Son
Errin 14 M NE IA NE Son
Clarence 13 M NE IA NE Son
Hazel 9 F NE IA NE Daughter
Edward 6 M NE IA NE Son
McElravy, Leslie, farmer 43 M IA OH OH Brother
1920 Census, Lexington Township, Dawson County, Nebraska
McElravy, John, carpenter 48 M IA US US Head
Anna 35 F NE IL Denmark Wife
Kenneth 12 M NE IA NE Son
Dorothy 10 F NE IA NE Daughter
Clardean 8 M NE IA NE Son
Note: John E. and Anna S. McElravy died in Dawson County and are buried in the Greenwood Cemetery in Lexington, Nebraska: John E. (1871-1926); Anna S. (1885-1945).

In the 1930 census, George and James McElravy and their families were still living in Butler County (Alma was not listed and may have died before 1930 - two additional children - Leroy and Floyd were listed in George's household; three additional children - Lale, Richard, and Harold were listed in James' household); John had died in 1926 and Anna and two children were still living in Dawson County in 1930; William and Leslie (listed as Chester?) were living in Gage County, Nebraska.


James W. McElravy hasn't been found in the 1870 census records. According to his biography, he may have been in Iowa or in Jasper County, Missouri. In 1880, he was in West Liberty, Iowa, where he owned and edited the local newspaper. Margaret, his mother, and a brother-in-law, Henry Lewis, were living with the family.

1880 Census, West Liberty, Muscatine County, Iowa

Jas. W. MCELRAVY, Editor 43 M OH IRE PA Self
Arabella D. L. MCELRAVY, Keeps House 31 F IA OH OH Wife
Edna H. MCELRAVY, School 10 F IA OH IA Daughter
Grace MCELRAVY, School 7 F IA OH IA Daughter
Eleanor I. MCELRAVY, School 3 F IA OH IA Daughter
Robert C. MCELRAVY 9 mo. M IA OH IA Son
Margaret MCELRAVY 82 F PA     Mother
Henry W. LEWIS, Printer 23 M IA OH OH Brother-in-law

Harold E. Smalley married Edna H. McElravy on Sep 19, 1894 in Muscatine, IA

James W. McElravy died in 1911. Several members of this family, including Margaret, are buried at the Oak Ridge Cemetery in West Liberty, Iowa.

McElravy Charles Davis 8-Sep-01 8-Aug-84 Sec G/Lot 21/Sp 1 US Navy WWI
McElravy Myrtle Davis 1879 9-Jan-58 Sec G.Lot 21/Sp 2
McElravy Robert C. 31 Aug 1879 15-Feb-66 E Add Old Oak/Lot 3/Sp Ashes
McElravy Roy L. ? 3 mo. 21 Aug 1875 E Add Old Oak/Lot 3/Sp 1 Son of J.W. & Belle
McElravy Elinor 07 Sep 1876 23-Aug-01 E Add Old Oak/Lot 3/Sp 2
McElravy James W. 31 Dec 1836 14-Dec-11 E Add Old Oak/Lot 3/Sp 4

McElravy Margaret   30 Mar 1799   03 Nov 1882   E Add Old Oak/Lot 3/Sp 5   Wife of Daniel
Note: The birthdate in the cemetery listing for Margaret is shown as 1779. However the gravestone lists the correct year (1799) and lists her age as 83Y 7M 4D.

More about this family can be found in an 1889 Bio for J.W. McElravy. Note that there are some known errors in this bio. - and the accompanying paragraph regarding Daniel may not be accurate.


Alexander McElravy was still in Belmont County, Ohio in 1880

1880 Census Pease Township, Belmont County, Ohio

Alex, Farmer 54 M PA IRE PA Self
Elizabeth, Keeping House 54 F OH PA OH Wife
The 1910 census for Mt. Pleasant Township, Jefferson County, Ohio, lists Elizabeth McIlravy, 74, b. OH, parents born PA and OH. To-date, we have found no cemetery listings for Alexander or Elizabeth.


Thomas McElravy and his family were still in Jefferson County, Ohio, in 1880.

1880 Census, Smithfield Township, Jefferson County, Ohio

McElravy, Thomas, farmer 39 M OH IRE Scotland(?) Self
Agnis, Keeping House 36 F PA PA PA Wife
Robert 13 M OH OH OH Son
Sarah B. 11 F OH OH OH Daughter
Ulysus 9 M OH OH OH Son
Charlie 7 M OH OH OH Son
In 1900, Thomas was living in Jefferson County with his son Robert and daughter Sarah Belle.

1900 Census, Smithfield Township, Jefferson County, Ohio

McElravy, Thomas, farmer 59, b. Aug 1840 M OH VA (?) PA Self
Robert B. 37, b. Feb 1863 M OH VA PA Son
Belle 35, b. Dec 1864 F OH VA OH Daughter
Thomas McElravy was killed by a train in 1906 at age 72 while walking on a railroad near Unionvale, Ohio according to a newspaper article. However, his tombstone lists a death date in 1907 and birth in 1842 - while the 1900 census lists his birth date as August, 1840.

The roll of the 74th Ohio Volunteer Infantry - Company G, lists his Civil War service record: McElravy, Thomas C, Captain; Entered 22 Jan 30, 1862; Served 3 years; Appointed 1st Lt Feb 18, 1862; Promoted to Captain Feb 10, 1863; Discharged Sep 20, 1864.

In 1930, Robert McElravy, 60 and Bella (Sarah Belle) McElravy, 58, sister, were still living in Smithfield Township, Jefferson County, Ohio. Belle died June 4, 1940 at the Massillon State Hospital in Massollin Ohio. Her birth date was listed as December 25, 1868 - and her parents as Thomas McElravy and Agnes Hamilton.

Olive Branch Cemetery, Located in Harrisville, Ohio
Row-10 Section-1 Lot-107 (owner listed as A. J. McElravy - i.e, Agnes)

McElravy, Robert B.................B: 1866.....D: 1954
McElravy, Capt. Thomas C...........B: 1842.....D: 1907
McElravy, Agnes J..................B: 1847.....D: 1897
McElravy, Sarah B..................B: 1870.....D: 1940

In 1910, Ulysses Grant McElravy and Charles H. McElravy, the other two sons of Thomas and Agnes, were in Nevada and Colorado.

1910 Census, Reno, Washoe County, Nevada

MCELRAVY, GRANT 40 tool sharpener OH OH OH (A lodger in a hotel)

1910 Census, Weld County, Colorado

Charles H. 36 OH
Clara 26 CO
Agnes L. 7 CO
LeRoy T. 6 CO
Ellener 3 CO
Hazel infant CO

In 1930, Clara and Leroy were living in Denver, Colorado

Charles Henry McElravy died in Larimar Co. CO, on November 6, 1950 and is buried at Garandview Cemetery at Ft. Collins.

In 1920, Grant McElravy was living in Rusk County Wisconsin with his wife, Myrtle and son Charles. His brother, Charles, age 48, was also living with him and listed as divorced. In 1930, Grant, age 57, and Myrtle were still in Rusk Co. WI. The California death index lists Ullysis Grant NcElravy, b. 5 Aug 1863, d. 15 April 1954. His mother's maiden name is listed as Hamilton. He is buried at Sunset Memorial Park, Eureka, Humboldt County CA.


In 1880, Eber and Nancy Major were still living in Brown Township, Franklin County, Ohio.

1880 Census, Brown Township, Franklin County, Ohio

Eber MAJOR, Farmer 50 M OH PA OH Self
Nancy MAJOR, Keeping House 48 F OH IRE PA Wife
Sarah J. MAJOR 23 F OH OH OH Daughter
John MAJOR, Farms 21 M OH OH OH Son
Oscar MAJOR 18 M OH OH OH Son
Rodolphus MAJOR 15 M OH OH OH Son
Dora A. MAJOR, At School 13 F OH OH OH Daughter
Frank MAJOR, At School 10 M OH OH OH Son
Asa MAJOR, At School 8 M OH OH OH Son
David MAJOR, At School 6 M OH OH OH Son
Nancy McElravy Major died on May 21, 1891 and is buried in tha Alton Cemetery in Franklin County, OH. Her gravestone lists her birthdate as November 30, 1831. Eber Major died October 28, 1891 - birthdate listed as June 18, 1828. In 1900, their son, John Major was married and living next door to several of the unmarried children - with Oscar Major listed as head of that family.

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